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Where can I start asking my question?
You could start asking your question in this page.

What is the best way to ask my question?
It is best to keep it concise and to the point. Put background information only if you think the question is not clear enough for us to understand. It is essential that you give us your valid email address. Because in case we don't understand your question, we could email you first to clarify.

What will you do if I think you incorrectly or incompletely answer my question?
For "Public - Free Service" option, please feel free to address your concern via comment in the respective blog of your question. We will try to meet your expectation as best as we can. For "Confidential - Fee is US$ 13.00" option, we will do the same as the free option but via email. Learn more about the two options in the 'INTRODUCTORY FAQ' section below.


Who will Need this Service?
Essentially anyone from different walks of life could ask for a searching help from this site on any subjects. But from what I learn so far, there are certain kinds of people who need Internet Searching help more than others. Below are most common segments of those peoples:

Bloggers for their Contents Research. Good bloggers know very well that as much as they want to make more contents to drive more traffic they need to ensure that the information contained are valid and from reliable sources. In general, they certainly know what and where to find those information. But there are times when they are just too busy managing their multiple blogs and various other activities that they need to do. Wibie d'Baldie could assist by sharing some of the burden by finding those materials they need.

Business People for their Business Decisions & Reporting. It is crucial in business that we should make informed decision, but who got the time to research for the information? Consider Wibie d'Baldie as your personal secretary on this aspect. It is also part of business daily activities that we report to our superiors/clients on the work that we've done. To do so, we often need to have additional information than just our own works to back them up. Information like competition activities, consumer reports, industrial trends, etc. Wibie d'Baldie is here to assist.

Students for their Projects and Homeworks. In general the challenges of students at schools/universities are not getting easier. Many of their Projects and Homeworks require them to collect information from various sources; Internet could efficiently help better compared to digging the books in bookstores or libraries. If you need help in searching the information for those tasks over the internet, you only need to ask, and we will help.

What will this Service Deliver Exactly?
The deliverable is simple: Wibie d'Baldie will answer your web searching question. For "Public - Free Service" option, your name, your question, and our answer would be published as a blog. For "Confidential - Fee is US$ 13.00" option, our response to you would be exclusively via email.

A typical answer would be in a form of a short comment with links to web pages, documents (e.g. PDF, Office files, Archive Files, etc.), softwares, multimedia (e.g. video files, audio files), and others as needed. In case where a certain information require purchasing, we will also give the links and leaving the purchasing decision with you.

When will I Get Your Answer?
The speed of our response is between minutes up to 2 working days. It depends on the level of difficulty on finding the information and the queue of the queries that need to be responded. The policy of 'First come, first serve' is applied in this site.

How could I Contribute?
You could put your comments to give alternative answers than what Wibie d'Baldie gives; the more responses the merrier. Blogging is about sharing after all.

If you think you have what it takes, I most welcome 1-2 people to be my Blogging Buddies. Just email me here while attaching your CV and telling me why you think you are capable of managing this site with me. Some tests would be done to evaluate your skills.

How much will It Cost Me?
This service is for FREE with 1 condition. That one condition is the person / party who requests the information must allow this site to disclose the person's / party's name, question, and answer by letting the site publishes those info in this blog site. No email address will be disclosed. If you wish to ask in secrecy, there is an option for that.

In the Searching Query Form you will be asked to select one of these options in the "Information Sensitivity" row: "Public - Free Service" or "Confidential - Fee is US$ 13.00". Please choose as per your need. Kindly read questions below to learn more about the two options.

What is "Public - Free Service" option?
If you have no problem the site sharing your name, question and answer to the rest of the world, then the searching aid is FREE for you. All the same, if you feel satisfied with the answers and you think the searching effort deserves some reward, feel free to donate through my PayPal account. I let you decide what is the fair amount of money you believe it is worth. Donation could also be given by visitors who may simply consider the blog and its contents as beneficial for them.

Why for Free if it is Public?
Why free? Because I do believe in the virtue of Sincerity. I sincerely wish to help people. I consider the donation as people's token of appreciation. Simple words of 'thank you' is also an appreciation I would gladly receive. Hence, the amount of the donation doesn't really matter for me. Me being able to solve your searching problem is what matters. Please rest assured that my attention and effort to your query will NOT be based on whether you donate or not, or how much you donate.

What is "Confidential - Fee is US$13.00" option?
If you feel that the information is sensitive and confidential, then the site would need to charge you with a Confidential Fee of US$ 13.00. In return, our respond will be given to you exclulsively via email. And none of your identities, question and answer would be published in this blog site. If you like to give more, we would gladly accept and consider the extra dollars as Donation.

Please be perfectly clear, the Fee is for Information Confidentiality and not for Information Quality. This means in a case you may feel not satisfied with the answers, you are still obliged to pay the Confidential Fee. However, if the site couldn't give the answer to the question asked, the Confidential Fee will not be charged to you.

What is the Payment Procedure for "Confidential - Fee is US$13.00" option?
The Payment should be made using the same PayPal Donation Button for Donation Payment. With the day of us sending you the answer as Day 0 (zero), you will need to transfer to my PayPal Account at the latest 1st day after; the sooner the better. Immediately after you sent your transfer, you need to send your confirmation email to with the Email Header of "CONFIDENTIAL FEE PAYMENT BY [Fill in your valid Email Address]".

What will you do if I fail to pay when I selected the "Confidential - Fee is US$13.00" option? Or pay lesser than US$13.00?
We will consider it as a fraudulent act. And below are our Standard Operating Procedures to response to such act:
  • If you failed to make the payment and/or sending a confirmation email before the end of that 1st day (12pm, GMT+07:00), we will send you a reminder email the day after in which that day you will have to make the US$ 13.00 payment plus fine (US$ 11) and sending us a confirmation email also. The total payment to transfer hence would be US$ 24.00.
  • If we see no payment or confirmation email at the afternoon of the 2nd day (4pm, GMT+07:00), we will be forced to publish the information (i.e. your name, email address, and question) in this Blog site with additional tagline of "Failed to Pay Confidential Fee". 
  • We would not respond to any request for extending the payment period for any reasons. 
  • If the payment amount received is less than US$ 13.00, you have until the end of the 1st day (12pm, GMT+07:00) to transfer the remaining. Otherwise, we will consider it as no payment at all. And the same rules for ones who don't pay at all as mentioned above would be applied to you. 
  • If the same act is repeated at the second time around, Wibie d'Baldie will no longer except query from the respective email address.