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Hi My Online Friends,

Welcome to my blogging site Wibie d'Baldie. This page is to give you an idea what this blog site is all about.

Who I am

Since college, I have this drive in me that makes me proactively helping my colleagues finding information they need over the Internet from working-related subjects like publications and statistics to of a more fun things like musics and gossips. Until today, I often share interesting things I find in the Net through email or my Facebook.

Why We Need Personal Web Searching Aid

The task of Internet Searching is something that almost every net users could easily do; just put the keywords in any internet search engines, like Google or Bing, then press the search button, and there we'll have our answers. Or do we?

What happen after we see the search results is that we often don't feel we get the answers we need. Why? Because what we see in the results pages are merely a collection of information which may or may not contain the answers to our questions; it is still our Brains who decide which information are the real answers to our questions.

Spotting those real answers could be challenging because searching over the Netlike any kind of searching activitiesmay require a lot of time and energy which most people just couldn't spend because we also have to do other important things. Or though we have the time, we may still need assistance as we simply couldn't find it ourselves and yet we really need that information.

Are you one of those net surfers who every now and then find web searching a challenging task? Ever wish someone out there is willing to help you find the information you need? Search no more, this site is dedicated to help you in anyway I possibly can to assist you in finding what you needfor FREE!!

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